Welcome to MahiWorx! I am Tessa Rose Pailey, owner and curator of MahiWorx.

MahiWorx came to life when my husband and I decorated our first home as a married couple. Our home is inspired by the representation of both our cultures, Persian and Midwestern. “Mahi” in Persian means fish, and it is one of our favorite motifs common in Persian rugs, that's how we got our name. 

Quality handmade rugs give a cozy while eloquent feel to a home. I have developed a keen eye for carefully selecting unique rugs that create a comfortable place for people to gather and kids to play, all the while being a piece of art and history. These beautiful rugs are hand-knotted pieces made with traditional methods from wool, cotton, and silk, designed to last many generations, with a smaller environmental foot-print (compared to machine made rugs).

I hope you enjoy the MahiWorx collection and find a rug you love. Feel free to reach out with your specific rug needs! DM us on Instagram, email us at mahiworx@gmail.com or call at (651)983-5703. If you are local to Minneapolis area, reach out to make an appointment for viewing a rug in person. 

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